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What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also known as vapes, are devices created with the aim of simulating the sensation of smoking an ordinary cigarette, but without the smoke from burning, which is replaced by steam.

They may or may not contain nicotine, but unlike regular cigarettes, they lack tar and carbon monoxide, which are among the main substances that cause health problems such as lung and other organ cancers.

However, it is noteworthy here that electronic cigarettes are not without health risks. Because they don’t contain these substances, they tend to be less harmful than conventional cigarettes, however, that doesn’t mean there are no risks.

This risk occurs, in particular, in electronic cigarettes that use nicotine, because, during the heating process, it can break down into other substances that can be toxic.

However, unlike regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes tend to be less harmful to your health.

What is the composition of the vape?

In vapes, the substance responsible for generating steam is Juice, which is usually composed of propylene glycol.

This mixture may or may not contain nicotine and is usually sold in refills and stored in a reservoir in the device, the cartridge.

The cartridge, in turn, is connected to a vaporizer, which transforms the liquid into a kind of smoke that can be inhaled by the user.

After all, can electronic cigarettes swallow? 

Yes. The e-cigarette was made to be puffed, as an alternative to conventional cigarettes, however, if you just want to taste the essences, you also don’t need to carry the vapor into your lungs.

For this reason, there are several ways to use electronic cigarettes. Check out the main ways to use this type of device below:

Mouth To Lung (MTL) or Mouth To Lung (BPP)

Mouth To Lung (MTL), or, in Portuguese, Boca Para o Lung, is the traditional way of inhaling a common cigarette – although it can also be made in vapes.

In this form of smoking, you pull in the smoke, put it in your mouth, and then pull the smoke into your lungs.

With conventional cigarettes, this is how most smokers take their drags. On vape, however, to perform this type of drag, the mechanics are a little different.

That’s because, in vapes, everything will depend on the Air Flow, or air flow of your device. This is how much steam will pass when you pull.

In Mods, you have a low concentration of nicotine and a much higher smoke production. In Pods, on the other hand, you have a much lower vapor production and a higher nicotine concentration.

If you want a way of smoking more similar to conventional cigarettes, then the Pod is the solution for you, since Mods have a different puff method, which we’ll see next.

Direct Lung Inhale (DLI) or Direct Lung Inhalation (IDP)

Direct Lung Inhale, or Direct Inhalation for the Lung, in Portuguese, is a method of smoking similar to respect, in which the vapor goes straight to the lungs.

Therefore, the ideal devices for this type of drag are Mods, as they produce more steam and have a denser Air Flow.

Compared to MTL, Direct Inhalation into the Lung feels “full” and theoretically more satisfying, although this is relative.

hybrid inhalation

Hybrid inhalation, in turn, is the combination of the two methods of smoking. It involves first using MTL and then going to DLI.

The mouth is first filled with steam and, when inhalation is carried out, it is done with the mod still activated, pulling the steam through the mouth and also directly from the atomizer, which unites a little of each style.

French Inhalation

French inhalation is one of the oldest smokers’ tricks, so it can’t even be considered a method of smoking.

It consists of pulling the vapor into the mouth and slowly expelling it through the nose, from where it is inhaled again.

factors influencing vape drag

Factors that influence the drag

There are some factors that influence when to inhale electronic cigarettes. Check out:


Exhalation is very important when steaming as it greatly increases the sense of smell and the perception of steam and taste.

It also serves those people who want to get more out of nicotine, as some research has already indicated that nicotine is better absorbed through the membranes of the nose than through the lungs.

Drip Tips

The Drip Tips , in turn, are styles of vaporadas, which may be higher or lower, with proper airflow, more open or more closed.

It will all depend on how you configure your e-cigarette to achieve puffing methods that suit your style and personal taste.