First, there is the risk of an explosion. When using a vape, the battery becomes hot and, in some cases, the accumulation of gases can cause the device to explode.

In addition, there is also a risk of the battery leaking and causing you to become intoxicated with the materials that make up the battery.

Understand all about electronic cigarette battery safety below! Good reading!


Characteristics of a good electronic cigarette battery

There are some characteristics that define a good battery for electronic cigarettes. Check out what they are:


First, ideally, the battery is the right size. Nowadays, most vapes use 18650 batteries (18mm wide with 65mm high), however, there are some models that use size 26650 batteries.


The capacity of the batteries is defined by the measure “mAh”, or “milliampere-hour”, which determines how much charge the battery can hold, or how long it can power the device and keep it running.

Maximum current

Finally, maximum current is the main safety factor for a battery. This is how much energy a battery can supply without compromising its physical integrity.

What are the best batteries for electronic cigarettes?

The most suitable batteries for electronic cigarettes are those that have an integrated circuit in the cell package, that is, protected batteries.

This type of battery is less likely to cause damage as it is protected against common hazards such as overheating, short-circuiting, overcharging and over-discharge.

Due to all these precautions, the price of this type of battery can be higher, however, it is better to pay more and be safe than bear the damages of a possible accident.

How does the Mooch test work?

The Mooch test considers the worst-case scenario, that is, when there is a continuous discharge of the battery when it starts supplying energy without stopping.

In most electronic cigarettes, this does not usually happen, as they are regulated by a chip that limits the activation time to a maximum of 10 seconds.

However, some mechanical mods, which do not have a control chip, can be activated indefinitely and it is on this type of device that the Mooch test is done.

It pushes the battery to the limit to see if it can withstand the demand for continuous discharge without venting, overheating, or causing an explosion.

tips to ensure the safety of your vape battery

Avoid bad quality batteries

It is very important that you avoid counterfeit and shoddy products as they can pose huge health risks.

With this type of battery, the risks of explosion are much higher, not to mention the risk of contamination by substances that remain in the batteries.

Charge or discharge batteries beyond the limit

Electronic cigarette batteries have a limit, so don’t leave yours plugged in for longer than necessary, as there may be an excess.

If this overcharging happens, the battery material will have no means of controlling it and the result could be an explosion at the time of use.

Therefore, it is necessary that you always be around when charging your batteries to avoid overcharging.

Therefore, always check that the charge is already complete and unplug the device from the wall socket as soon as the battery is full.

There are some chargers with a smart operation that prevent the e-cigarette battery from continuing to charge after it is full, however, even in these cases, it is important to be aware.

Leave batteries loose in pockets and purses or exposed to heat

You must protect your battery from extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. Even when stored in their own bags or boxes, it is important that you prevent them from being exposed to sunlight, for example, so that they are not exposed to heat.

The same goes for places where the temperature drops below freezing. Do not let your battery be exposed to these extreme temperatures, as this may cause problems for its operation in the future.

Only use batteries recommended for your device.

Always keep in mind that the best battery for your vape is the one that came with the device or the one recommended by the manufacturer.

You should never mix different brands of battery or use batteries that have been charged at different levels.

Also, it is very important that you also never use old and new batteries together in the same device.

Give the battery time to rest

When using your mod constantly, this will likely cause your battery to get hotter and hotter.

In most cases, this heat will gradually and naturally decrease, however, you must be careful, as explosions can happen.

Therefore, if you are using your e-cigarette a lot, it is important that you give your battery time to “breathe”.

This is important so that the battery’s ventilation mechanism does not end up failing and causing an explosion.

Use the proper charger

Each electronic cigarette comes with its own charger. Although it looks similar to your phone or tablet, these chargers should not be used as a replacement.

That’s because it’s common for e-cigarette chargers to be manufactured in a different way, designed specifically for vape.

Therefore, the use of cell phone or tablet chargers in these devices can end up causing an overload, which increases the risk of explosion.

If you need to buy a new charger, check the power input and output to ensure it matches the amount of power the battery holds.

If you’re not sure what type of charger you need, search the internet or ask someone who understands the subject so as not to take risks.

By doing this, you can avoid accidents such as battery overcharging and explosions.

Extra tip: Always carry your device on a clean, flat surface, away from anything that could easily catch fire. Therefore, never carry your vape on a bed, sofa or any other flammable surface.