Understand everything that can make your electronic cigarette taste like a burn in the text below and avoid going through this situation again! Good reading!

Electronic cigarette with burnt taste: main reasons

There are some very common reasons for electronic cigarettes to taste burnt. Check out what the main ones are:

old coils

One of the main reasons the e-cigarette has a burnt taste is that the coil is very old.

If your e-cigarette has been used for more than a month in exchange for a coil, it is very likely that you have an old or burnt-out coil.

In these cases, you should change it to a new coil. Remember: steam should never burn your throat and taste like burnt cotton.

Adjust the power of the device

Another very common reason for this strange burning taste in electronic cigarettes is to use the device at very high power.

The general rule for these cases is: the greater the resistance (ohms), the lower the watts, and vice versa.

Therefore, if you are using your device with too high a power for your coil, you will probably end up burning it.

To calculate the optimal settings for your e-cigarette, you can use Ohm’s law or read the suggested wattage, which is usually printed on the coil or in the manual.

Keep an eye on your endurance conditions

The resistance inside your coil may also be suffering from a hot spot, which can even cause the coil to partially glow red.

Hot spots can give a metallic, burnt taste when smoking, even if they are fully saturated and you may not be able to identify the burning spot on your cotton just because it is fully saturated.

In these cases, even if your wick or cotton does not show signs of burning, the best option is to remove them and throw them away.

Also, it is important that you check that they are not touching any parts inside the atomizer.

However, here is a reminder: never squeeze or stretch your resistance while pressing the fire button unless you are using a non-conductive tool such as ceramic tweezers.

Attention when choosing the atomizer

When shopping for an electronic cigarette, keep in mind that not all atomizers are the same.

Some have better wick or cotton than others, and chances are you’re suffering from a burnt taste because you haven’t given your bobbins enough time.

Therefore, consider looking for an atomizer that has faster draining or temperature control abilities.

Be careful with the amount of cotton used

Several reconstructable atomizers, especially RTA, are a little complex when using.

If you don’t use enough cotton, the appliance can leak, and if you don’t happen to fill the hole between the heater and the cotton, you’ll end up with a burnt taste.

So, in these cases, try talking to people who have the same model of the atomizer to find out which method worked best for them.

As each atomizer has specific needs, it is often necessary for you to find the perfect compromise.

So try it out. Put more or less cotton until you find the ideal amount for your setting.

Remember: if you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, then you’ll never get out of place.

dirty coils

One of the most common causes for the burning taste and burning in the throat is dirty coils.

Therefore, it is important that you keep your bobbins clean and that you change your cotton at least once every 2 weeks to avoid this bad taste.

During the cotton change, you can take the opportunity to take your atomizer and rinse the coils with warm water or a cleaner to remove all the accumulated dirt.

Hurry when changing reels

Another common cause for the burnt taste in electronic cigarettes is the poor placement of the coils in the device.

Therefore, it is necessary to be patient when making these exchanges.

First, install your coil and put a few drops of juice into the holes in the wick.

Then fill your tank and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. It seems like a long time, but it helps to increase the device’s performance.

When turning on the appliance, start with the lowest setting and increase by a few watts with each vaporized until you find your ideal point.

Eventually, you will find the most suitable setting with the right balance of heat and flavour for you.

However, the warning is worth it: never exceed the maximum power of your coil. You can find this information in the device’s user manual.

How to know if the VAPE resistance is burnt out?

The burnt taste is the most classic sign that endurance has passed its peak.

However, as we have seen, a burnt taste is not always caused by burnt resistance, so it is important to investigate the causes before taking any action.

If you’ve tried all the other options we’ve described in this text and the steam is still coming with a burning taste, then it’s time to change your resistance.