Want to know the right steps to ensure the best experience, without coughing or the like? Then check out this quick guide on how to use electronic cigarettes here at Clube do Vapor!


What is an electronic cigarette?


The electronic cigarette is a battery-operated vaporizer device. There are different types, also known as vapes, pods or pod systems and e-cigs or electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes became known this way for two reasons: Their “pen” shape, more elongated and thin, reminiscent of a cigarette or cigar.

The fact is that they are widely used (but not exclusively) by people seeking to get rid of their addiction to common cigarettes.

In the vape electronic cigarette, an essence known in different ways is used —  Juice, e-liquid or liquid — which has a flavour and is vaporized by the user.

This juice contains some chemical components, such as propylene glycol and glycerol, and may also contain nicotine. That is, you can find options without nicotine, but also with a lower content or even a high content of the substance.

Differences between electronic cigarette and regular cigarette

The main difference between the vape electronic cigarette and the regular cigarette is that, with the e-cig, you don’t “smoke” anything. After all, in electronic cigarettes, there is no burning of substances to create smoke.

You just vaporize the liquid, generating vapour that is sucked in and released into the air.

Already the common cigarette works with the burning of tobacco.

This first causes the release of high content of nicotine, as well as the creation of smoke, which releases toxic substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. 

Benefits of Electronic Cigarette

Compared to regular cigarettes, e-cigarettes offer a number of benefits. Want to know which ones? Check it out:

  • Don’t yellow your teeth;
  • It has no odours and does not cause a bad smell;
  • In the medium and long term, it is much cheaper;
  • Less exposure to toxic chemicals;
  • Encourages the cessation of addiction to common cigarettes and nicotine;
  • It does not affect nearby people, as it does not release toxic smoke, but steam;

Is electronic cigarette bad?

There is a lot of information about e-cigarettes on the Internet from different sources. But after all, is e-cig bad for your health?

Well, let’s be clear: e-cigarettes, vapes and pod systems were not meant to be a healthy way to smoke. They are, yes, a safer way to carry out this practice.

In the case of vapes, e-cigs and pods, even — as you’ve learned — it’s not about smoking, it’s about vaporizing.

Also, we’ve already mentioned it at other times, but there is a study by  Public Health England that states that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than regular cigarettes.

However, of course: the electronic cigarettes and juices used have substances that can cause some side effects.

The biggest example is nicotine, which is responsible for the addictive content of cigarettes.

Is it safe to use electronic cigarettes?

The use of electronic cigarettes can be 95% safer than regular cigarettes, a great benefit for those looking to get rid of toxic addiction and go for a much less harmful alternative.

How to use an electronic cigarettes? 5 steps

And now, how to use electronic cigarettes? You who are beginners went through a great introduction on the subject and now you want to know more about its use, in practice.

Come on!

Before the steps, let’s clarify two points. There are  2 ways to inhale your electronic cigarette:

DL – Direct-Lung: This is “direct-to-lung” inhalation, when you inhale vapor from the vape directly into the lung, in a direct flow. For those who smoke cigarettes, the DL does not have that “stop” of steam in the mouth, before taking a drag.

MTL – Mouth-to-Lung: on the other hand, “mouth-to-lung” inhalation is the opposite of what we explained above and more similar to the drag of a common cigarette. When you inhale the vape, you trap the vapor in your mouth, then inhale it into the lung and then release it into the air.

For those who are starting and want to know how to use electronic cigarettes, it is important first to know which kit you have at hand.

Vapes and e-cigs normally, which use freebase liquids, are usually suitable for DL.

The pods, on the other hand, are made for MTL inhalation and are even the ideal substitutes for regular cigarettes. The reason is its juice, the nic salt, which has a higher nicotine content.

And now, how to use electronic cigarettes? Well, let’s take a step by step:

1. Charge your e-cigarette to the fullest each time before use, to ensure the best experience.
2. Now you must prepare your e-cig for vaping:

  • The first time you use your device, moisten the cotton coil with your juice, so you avoid damage.
  • Unscrew the atomizer tank and fill it with the juice (whatever or whatever you prefer).
  • Screw and tighten all components again. Make sure there are no gaps and that everything is tight.

3. To vaporize, simply press the button located on the atomizer (usually the biggest button or the only button) and then inhale.

  • Some pods do not have a button, being activated directly on the mouthpiece, with the action of inhaling the steam.

Ready! And now? Well, just enjoy!

4. Want one last tip? See, we have a good one for beginners:

  • If you are going to steam DL style, we recommend that you do your best inhaling. In other words, suck the steam in a stronger way. This way you compress the air more and make the steam denser and more pleasurable.