The question makes sense, after all, with mechanical mods it is possible to reach higher power and it is possible to keep the fire button pressed for longer, which generates more steam.

However, it is important that you keep in mind that mechanical mods are devices that are not for beginners.

Incorrect use can lead to accidents and, despite being a very fun type of device, it is important to know a lot about the subject before buying one.

Want to know more about mechanical mods? So read the text below!

Mechanic Mod: What is it?

The Mechanical Mod is a vaporizer device that works without a circuit board, that is, it works directly connected to the battery.

As the batteries lose their charge, the production of steam also decreases and no matter the resistance of the coil used, the mechanical mod will continue firing until the batteries die or an error occurs .

Therefore, the mechanical mods are excellent allies of the sub-ohm reconstructed atomizers, which produce dense clouds.

In the end, choosing the ideal mod will depend on your needs and knowledge.

Remember: before making a decision, always consider understanding the strengths and weaknesses of mechanical mods.

How does the mechanical mod work?

Basically, a mechanical mod is a “battery > atomizer > battery” circuit. That is, it is a simple metal tube that serves to house the battery and atomizer.

There are no settings or any type of information available while using these devices.

Since there are no electronic components, there are no features that can compensate for battery voltage drops that occur when the battery is being discharged (during use).

Therefore, in these devices, each puff generates less steam as the battery runs out.

Advantages of the mechanic mod

Here are some of the advantages of using a mechanic mod:

1. Reliable

Mechanical mods are devices that, as they have only a few electronic components (or, in some cases, none at all), this decreases the possibility of device defects compared to other types of vaporizers.

2. Good durability

As they are very simple devices, their durability is also quite large. Well-built models are virtually unbreakable as the working tube has a very strong metal material.

3. Easy to fix

Another advantage of mechanical mods is that they can fail, but due to their mechanical simplicity, these problems are very easy to fix.

As much as it is necessary to replace one part or another, the exchange process will be simple and the chances of your mod coming back to work right away without major problems are great.

4. More intense usability

Another advantage of mechanical mods is that they offer more intense usability.

For this reason, they are the most used by professionals in the vaporizer world, as they are great for customizing and tweaking the vaping experience.

The main attraction is that, even with low resistance, they keep firing while a regular mod just stops working.

5. Ideal for use with Rebuildable Atomizer

Once you’ve made your own rebuildable atomizer, you need to understand how the coil is working and handling the process.

You will need a mod that will keep firing and doing this with regular mods can be a bit difficult as the electronic circuits have firing locks.

Mechanical mod: disadvantages

Despite the advantages, like everything else in life, the mechanical mod also has its disadvantages. Check out the main disadvantages of mechanical mods below:

Riskier use operation

Despite being an excellent device, mechanical mods have a harder learning curve and can bring a certain degree of danger without leaving much room for error.

For these reasons, these devices are most recommended for people who already have experience in the world of steam, as it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of electronics, Ohm’s law, battery safety and amperage calculations.

Using mechanical mods without the necessary experience can lead to accidents that can cause serious injury and even property damage.

It’s more expensive

Although they last longer than conventional mods and are more reliable because of that, they are also much more expensive.

At first, you will need to invest a good deal of money to purchase the mechanical mod, especially when compared to regular mods.

In addition, you will also spend more on juices and batteries, as mechanical mods consume these two fundamental elements of the vape much more quickly.

The battery runs out quickly

Since there are no electronic parts in mechanical mods, you can keep firing the device for as long as you like.

This makes the battery of these devices last much less than normal mods, especially if you choose to use coils with lower resistances.

very high powers

Although mechanical mods provide higher power, in general, for those who just want to enjoy the taste of cigarettes, this is a less useful feature.

That’s because, if you steam with a very high voltage, it’s quite likely that the steam will come with a burnt taste and you won’t taste the juice.

Furthermore, these high potencies can also generate the emission of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen in the steam world.

big and heavy

Finally, mechanical mods tend to be much larger and heavier than conventional mods, which makes them less practical for everyday use.