Today, on the market, there are two types of juices with nicotine, Free Base and Nic Salt. The differences between the two types are also quite big.

Do you want to know more about nicotine juices, the differences between the types of nicotine and how to choose the best one for your profile? So read the text below!

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a substance used by some plant species to defend against herbivorous animals. It acts as a pesticide, preventing other animals from eating the plant.

It doesn’t just exist in tobacco. It can actually be found in vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli.

Eggplants, for example, have a high concentration of nicotine, having 10 grams of nicotine, equivalent to 3 hours of passive smoking.

It sounds like a lot, but the consumption of a single cigarette is equivalent to 10 kg of eggplant.

When consuming nicotine in high amounts, it provokes two-phase reactions, they can stimulate one moment and relax the next.

The brain gets used to the substance very quickly, starting to wait for it, causing the dependence on the substance to be born there.

Consuming nicotine through conventional cigarettes is proven to be dangerous, as the presence of tar and carbon dioxide in high concentrations is a factor that increases the risk of cancer throughout the body.

Through vaporizers and juices with nicotine, however, it is possible to live with the addiction to nicotine without having the harmful effects of other substances present in cigarettes.

Types of nicotine

There are essentially two types of nicotine: Free Base and Nic Salt. Check the difference between the two in the topics below:

Nicotine Free Base

Nicotine Free Base, until recently, was the only class of nicotine used in juices, as the industry had abandoned Nic Salt after its discovery.

It can be easily transformed into steam and has excellent absorption by the body. However, it is often insufficient for some people.

That’s because the cigarette delivers much more nicotine than electronic cigarettes and is absorbed much more quickly.

Therefore, many times, people who want to get rid of cigarettes and go to Nicotine Free Base end up using the vape as if it were a bottle, using the device all the time to try to match the amount of nicotine they received for cigarettes.

But isn’t it just about increasing the dose of nicotine? The problem is that nicotine Free Base quickly becomes unpalatable, producing a scratchy throat that becomes unbearable when used in more powerful devices.

And even on simpler or low-power and low-flow devices, levels above 10 mg are considered too strong by most people.

Nicotine Nic Salt

Nic Salt, on the other hand, until recently, was not so easily vaporized and had a low absorption by the body.

All of this was solved by developing a technique that uses Benzoic Acid and makes Nic Salt not only vaporizable but more easily absorbable by the body.

The change was so big that it created a whole new market of products developed exclusively for the consumption of this type of nicotine, the main exponent being Juul , which today is a billionaire after capturing more than 70% of the American market.

New devices, called pods, were developed and the low power allowed the use of Nic Salt in concentrations of 20 mg or even 50 mg.

This may sound like a lot, but considering their absorption characteristics, these levels are ideal for consumption and experience closer to cigarettes.

How much nicotine do Juices have?

The answer to that question is: it depends. Are we talking about Nicotine Free Base or Nic Salt? Are we talking about pods or mods?

Juices with Nicotine Free Base can have nicotine concentrations ranging from 1.5 mg to up to 10 mg. More than that, the steam becomes unpalatable.

On the other hand, juices with nicotine Nic Salt can have much higher concentrations, which can reach up to 50 mg.

The proper dose for you will depend a lot on how many cigarettes you smoke per day, on the size of your addiction.

If you smoke a lot of cigarettes a day, then the idea is to choose mods and use juices with nicotine Free Base in higher concentrations, closer to 10 mg, or pods and nicotine nic Salt with medium concentrations of 20 mg or more.

If you smoke little, then choose nicotine Free Base with the lowest concentrations.

Nicotine juice is bad?

Nicotine juice is bad? Find it out!

For a cigarette smoker, using nicotine juices, whether Free Base or Nic salt, is considerably less harmful than cigarettes.

Cigarettes contain at least 4700 substances harmful to the body, while juices with nicotine are limited to 3 substances.

For a person who has never smoked cigarettes and is not addicted to nicotine, on the other hand, the ideal is never to use nicotine on vape, as it is a highly addictive substance that causes chemical dependency.