We know: if there’s one thing that spoils the vaping experience, it’s the spitback .

The taste in the mouth leaves an unpleasant sensation, which can often be repeated.

However, this issue usually says a few things about your own vape, being an indication that some exchanges or upgrades are needed.

Here, we want to help you understand how to avoid spitback and its possible causes. Let’s go there?

What is Spitback Vape?

Spit back happens when you vaporize your vape and, along with the vapor, droplets of juice are sucked up, reaching lips, teeth and tongue.

These droplets can be quite hot, depending on the voltage of your vape at the time of the occurrence.

In addition, the spitback leaves a stronger juice taste in the mouth, as well as a more present nicotine sensation, if the e-liquid has it.

It’s something that happens in the middle of the inhalation and, as you can imagine (or already know) it’s quite unpleasant.

Understand how the process works

How Does Spit Back Occur?

Spitback has a few causes, which we’ll discuss shortly. However, it occurs in the following way: when there is too much liquid in the coil and it cannot transform it into steam .

So when you trigger the mod, the atomizer acts and heats up the coil. Instead of the liquid there is vaporized, it is boiled.

In this way, the droplets burst like boiling water.

The moment you inhale, the droplets can be directed towards your mouth.

In other words, the problem is connected to the soaked coils, but, in some cases, it can happen even without flooding.

Angled Drip Tip Or Anti Spitback

Plus, there’s a very effective way for you to avoid all these problems and have a smooth spraying experience: with anti spitback or angled drip tips .

Angled drip tips have a design that does not favor the contact of droplets with the mouth.

The anti spit back drip tips have an internal spiral design, which ends up preventing the droplets from even coming out when inhaling.

What Causes Spitback

As we told you a little while ago, the spit back has some causes. The juice-soaked coil is the main one, but there are others you should know about. Come on?

Cotton Installation

The cotton in the bobbin could be the cause of the spit back.

Always try to use a good amount of cotton when assembling your atomizer (such as an RDA ).

If you use too little, the juice will not reach the coil sufficiently. Now, if you use it too much, it can clog the vape and you won’t even be able to vaporize.

We recommend using YouTube tutorials to learn how to go about this process, following a more visual reference.

Resistance Has Hot-Spots


Hot-spots are concentrated heat points that can be found on the coil. You can look for these points by triggering your mod and checking if the resistance glows evenly.

If you notice spots that light up before others, there could be a hot-spot.

twisted coils

Twisted coils (known as twisted or Clapton Coils ) can also be to blame for the spitback.

When misused, their design favours spit backs because e-liquid can accumulate in the coil.


Very rare, but it could be the atomizer, especially if you have factory problems.

If you cannot find the cause among the other options above, we recommend searching the Internet for the experience of other consumers who have had a similar problem using the same atomizer.

Is Spit Back Dangerous?

How to solve Spitback?

At this point, you don’t have to worry about the spitback: it’s nothing really dangerous for your health.

Of course, the sensation is unpleasant and sometimes the splashes can be hot, which causes a minimal point of pain upon contact with the skin.

But it’s no big deal from this point of view — just that you should overhaul and possibly maintain your vape.

Know-How to Avoid Spitback

There are a few ways to prevent spills from continuing to vaporize. Let’s explain the main ones, check it out:

Decrease power

As we talked about before, you might have to reduce the power of the mod.

Too high a voltage can overheat your coil or conflict with the coil’s power limit (this is the case for some of them, which is defined by their own design).

understand what airflow is

Need More Airflow

Depending on the atomizer’s airflow, you may experience spit back issues. This is because when you inhale, air flows through the bottom or side of the resistance.

On many atomizers, you can adjust this part. So, if you’ve experienced spitbacks, we recommend increasing the airflow.

After all, when the airflow is weak, the inhaled air is not enough to cool the glowing coil, which causes the spatter.

Increase Swallow

Along with the airflow tip, we also complement this one: increase your inhalation, pulling harder. This ensures that the coil will be cooled.

Decrease Liquid In Resistance

We’ve already talked here on the blog about the importance of moistening the cotton coil with juice before its first use.

In other cases, you may have overfilled the tank.

Therefore, we always recommend moistening the cotton without overloading the material, as well as filling the tank only with the amount of juice you will use.