The product you vaporize is Juice, which is the liquid placed in Vape.

There are countless flavours for sale in stores — and every day, more Juices are developed.

That’s why, for those who want to understand what Vape is, Juices can be a little confusing at first.

However, it is worth noting that they are usually composed of :

  • Propylene glycol (PG);
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG);
  • Flavourings and flavour additives;
  • Nicotine (which can be optional and has different levels).

Nicotine and flavourings are easy to understand, but VG and PG are important to the overall vaporization experience.

The ratio of VG to PG defines the viscosity of the liquid and thus the temperature needed to vaporize it. It also determines the most suitable tanks and coils to vaporize.

This ratio can also decide how intense the physical sensation of inspiration will be.

Mind you: more VG produces more steam and a smoother experience. More PG in the mix provides better flavour and a more intense experience.

At this point, it’s worth trying out a few different flavours and proportions, and then finding the one that best suits your taste!

Discover the benefits of Vape

When someone wants to understand what Vape is, it is common for one of the first questions to be exactly about its benefits.

On the part of beginners, there is some fear that Vape is the same as a conventional cigarette.

The more veterans seek to understand how, in the long term, the use of Vape can impact their lifestyle.

Well, we’ve put together the main benefits and advantages of Vape for you, check it out:

It is 95% healthier than conventional cigarettes

That’s what a study by the  British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England, or PHE, found, which conducted a study of e-cigarettes. The main reason for this is lack of combustion.

There is a huge variety of flavours

The juices are very varied, catering to all tastes.

It is one of the reasons that attract many beginners, as the sensation of vaporizing certain scents can be very pleasant.

It’s extremely affordable.

Nowadays, you can find good vaping products in specialized stores.

There are online stores, such as Clube do Vapor, which has a wide portfolio of quality products and can send the products directly to you, with all the convenience.

Electronic Cigarette vs Ordinary Cigarette: Check Out the Differences

The main difference between Vape and Vape, electronic cigarettes or e-cig is that there is no burning/combustion of chemical components.

In this way, the vaper does not absorb all those toxic elements present in the smoke (we mentioned tar and carbon monoxide earlier as examples), nor does it harm those around it.

However, there are other benefits of e-cig in relation to regular cigarettes, check it out :

  • Does not slow down the steam.
  • Does not darken vaper teeth.
  • Does not affect the vaper’s sense of smell and taste.
  • Does not cause odours and bad smells in the vaper.
  • Does not age the skin prematurely.

Dictionary for Beginner Vapers

So far, you’ve read a lot of terms that can be a little confusing, right?

Is that enthusiasts in general use certain nomenclatures for components or products linked to Vape.

We created a small dictionary explaining the main ones:

What is vaper?

It’s who makes use of Vape. Some laymen use the term vapeR to refer to the device. WRONG! Vape is the device, Vaper is the user!

What is vaping?

As defined by the Oxford Dictionary, vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or better known as Vape.

What is Pod or Pod System?

Pod or  Pod System is a “mini vape” that has a filled cartridge — or cartridges that you can juice-fill.

This cartridge fits into a small battery that powers the device.

Pod systems are also known as vape pods, mini vapes, pod vapes or pod mods.


What is the difference between traditional vape and pod?

In short, we can say that the Pod is an evolution of Traditional Vape.

Unlike Traditional Vape — which in many cases is used for entertainment — the Pod was developed as an alternative to conventional cigarettes.

The relationship between the two is as follows: Pods usually have a high content of nicotine in Juices (Nic Salt), used in these devices.

There are still not enough studies that prove precisely the harm caused by the Pod, but there are several reports of former smokers who claim to have gained a new life after replacing the cigarette with the Pod.

What is juice?

what is juice?

Also known as liquid, e-juice, e-liquid or “essence” are the liquids used in the vaporizer. These, in turn, have different flavours, sizes and levels of nicotine.

Among the types of Juice, the most common found on the market are FREE BASE and NIC SALT.

What is juice freebase?

They are Juices used in “traditional” vaporizers, which support high potencies but cause less nicotine satiation than Juice Nic Salt.

They are tastier and great for lots of steam.

Free Base Juices are generally indicated for non-smokers or users who intend to use vape as entertainment and not to replace cigarettes.

Their sizes vary between 30, 60, 100 and 120 ml, with nicotine ranging from 0 mg (without nicotine) to 12 mg — the most sold are 3 mg.

Freebase juices have Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Flavorings and Nicotine (optional).

What is juice nic salt?

Nic Salt Juices are used in Pods that support low potencies but cause more nicotine satiety than Juice Free Base.

Generally indicated for smokers or users who intend to replace the conventional cigarette.

They have sizes ranging between 15, 30 and 60ml and their nicotine range usually starts from 15mg to 75mg — the best-sellers are 50mg.