After all, how does vape work? What is a vape for? And what parts of a vape? These are questions that all of us, as beginners, repeat and often finding the answer is tricky.

Online articles about vaping generally assume some level of prior knowledge. With this, many beginners end up having difficulty when buying a product or even clearing a doubt for not knowing how to express themselves correctly.

Maybe that’s your case, right? We created this post seeking to answer the main doubts about what Vape is. 

We open up the game to tell you everything from the basic components of vape, the benefits of vaping, and much more!

What is Vape?

Vape is the device used to produce steam, which takes place inside it, from the burning and vaporization of a flavoured liquid (juice, e-liquid, essence).

Also known as  electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, they can be classified into Traditional Vaporizers and  Pod Systems (or just pods!)

Vape has gained notoriety for attracting hundreds of thousands of people to use it. It causes a pleasant sensation of steam.

However, of course, in some cases (which we’ll explain in a moment), this sensation can be influenced by the nicotine compounded in the liquids used in the device.

And that’s exactly where we have another important point for you to understand what Vape is: the device helps many smokers to kick the habit of conventional cigarettes.

Furthermore, when understanding what Vape is, it is also worth mentioning that there are different styles, sizes and shapes of the vaporizer, as well as mods.

And don’t worry, we’ll explain right away what pod, mod, e-liquid are, among other terms below. Just keep reading! Come on?

What is a VAPE for?

Vape serves as a kind of “simulator” for cigarettes, but as an option that is much less harmful to health and much safer.

With Vape, you inhale vapor from a liquid that is electronically heated (not burned, remember!) inside.

This liquid or juice usually contains different aromas/flavours, which can be full-bodied, smooth and refreshing, which make the act of vaporizing a unique experience.

Some liquids contain nicotine, which makes the product more suitable for those who like to smoke conventional cigarettes, but want to avoid the harm caused by them.

Anatomy of a Vaporizer

anatomy of a vaporizer

After the invention of electronic cigarettes, more and more people are being attracted by the potential benefits of the device and by the experiences they have had with it.

The result of this is the emergence of an absurdly expanding market, filled with hundreds of customizable options and models of the most varied types.

Navigating this world can be difficult for a beginner and that’s why we decided to describe a brief detail of the main parts that make up a Vape:


The atomizer is the part of your vaporizer responsible for turning the Juice into steam.

Generally, the atomizer is composed of the following components :

  • Coil  (Coil head, resistance or coil)
  • Glass Tube (except RDA – we’ll see more about the models later)
  • Cotton
  • Drip Tip (the part where we put our mouth).
  • Atomizers come in a wide variety of styles and the most common ones found on the market are Subohms, RTAs, RDTAs, RDAs, RBAs and Squonks.


A term referring to the part of Vape that uses a removable or internal battery.

Mod can also mean modifying an existing product.

Among the Mod models, we find:

  • Adjustable Mods: With safety protections and temperature and power adjustments;
  • Mechanics: Without adjustments and controller boards;
  • Semi-Mechanical: No adjustments, but with safety protections.



The battery is used as the main source of energy for heating the liquid or juice.

In some devices, the batteries are internal, while in others they are replaceable. However, in both types, they are rechargeable.

The amount of mAh (milliampere-hour) controls the duration of your Vape, that is, the more mAh the battery contains, the longer its duration will be in its vape.

Batteries are generally charged via chargers, wires, or USB sockets.

How does Vape work?

When understanding what Vape is, it is also essential to understand how it works. There’s a lot going on inside your vape or pod when you inhale steam through the drip trip.

Let’s start from the beginning: you have prepared your Vape by adding a new Juice to the glass tube. In order for you to inhale the steam from this new Juice, you need to activate the device’s atomizer.

This can be done by pressing a button on the Vape itself or even by the simple act of inhaling steam through the drip tip. It depends on the device model.

At that moment, some processes happen inside the atomizer, it turns on:

The coil head heats up on battery power. The heat is transferred to the cotton, which vaporizes the juice contained therein (which is absorbed when the vaper fills the glass tube/tank).

Burning and vaporization process

There are many doubts from beginner vapers about the burning and vaporization process. After all, which one does Vape perform?

Well, as we pointed out earlier, Vape vaporizes the juice — and doesn’t burn it!

That is, there is no combustion of chemical components. This avoids several harms that a simple drag on a conventional cigarette causes.

So much so that many vapers are smokers who are trying to stop using conventional cigarettes, which can be very harmful to health.

Traditional cigarettes release thousands of chemicals when lit and inhaled, such as tar and carbon monoxide.