And it is to help you resolve this question that we created this content.

The doubt about taking vape on flights is constant among vapers all over the world.

However, with the confusing Brazilian regulations on the matter, it becomes even more essential that the vaper knows if carrying his e-cig is safe and does not represent any risk.

Here, we’ll explain more about the subject, clarifying everything about electronic cigarettes at the airport and on the plane, the necessary precautions, if you can take vape on flights, how to pack juices and extra tips so you don’t have problems.

Is In-flight Vape Allowed?

airport electronic cigarette

Yes, in-flight vape is allowed, but you must be careful to take vape in a plane. In fact, there are no regulations prohibiting the personal possession or use of vaporizers.

The exception is for herbal vaporizers and if the herb in question is marijuana.

In this case, as you may know, it is an illegal drug, whose possession in small quantities for use or sale is strictly prohibited in Brazil.

What Does ANAC Say?

ANAC is the National Civil Aviation Agency, the body that regulates, among other things, permissions for transporting aircraft. According to ANAC, you can take the vape on flights in your hand luggage.

However, there are some requirements even for this — which we’ll explain shortly. In addition, you cannot take vape on an aeroplane in your checked baggage.

There is guidance on the ANAC website on the subject, which explains what we have just talked about and also provides some extra information. Check it out:

  • For personal use.
  • It is not allowed to recharge the devices and/or batteries on board.
  • Batteries cannot exceed 100 Wh (lithium-ion) or 2g (lithium metal).

Is it prohibited to smoke electronic cigarettes on the plane?

Although vaporization is not the same as “smoking”, for the merits of legislation it is considered the same. Therefore, it is prohibited to vaporize vapes or pods indoors.

Be it a restaurant, a building hall or an airport.

However, it is common for some airports to offer smoking rooms — especially in VIP lounges.

We recommend checking with the airport’s administration beforehand. For VIP lounges, check with the airline you will be flying with.

What Care Needed With My Vape And Derivatives?

According to ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil), it is allowed to take your vape and derivatives only in your hand luggage if:

  • The amount of vape and derivatives configure personal use. So don’t overdo it! A vape, 3 or 4 juice tubes (up to 100ml properly closed) and 1 or 2 pairs of batteries are ideal quantities for a smooth flight;
  • Another important tip is not to fly with sealed/unused devices, because if the idea is to configure your kit for personal use, once it is open or used, it will make it clear that the purpose is not for commercial purposes;
  • Spare batteries must be protected from short circuits. Ideally, all your batteries are transported in their own cases;
  • If you are a DIY vaper, pay attention: sharp or sharp objects such as pliers or scissors cannot exceed 6 cm in length. Tip: For these objects, the ideal is to dispatch them. Other accessories such as resistorspre-built coils or cotton (in small quantities) can easily be placed in your hand luggage;
  • Reinforcing: never use your vape while flying. Avoid using them at airports and, if necessary, check with the administration;
  • If you are returning to Brazil, the same rules as above prevail. There are reports of several customers who have travelled to different countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America and have flown smoothly following the above rules.

Vaping on national trips

Is electronic cigarette boarding allowed?

And for domestic trips specifically, how is the issue of in-flight vape? We explain to you:

  • Do not dispatch the vape;
  • Do not carry vapes with mounted batteries;
  • Use cases to carry vape batteries on flights;
  • And follow the instructions we gave in the topic above!

Vaping on International Travel

In the case of vape on international flights, the precautions are the same as for domestic flights, which we teach above. However, there are some issues regarding juices.

Liquids in general, and not just juices for vapes and pods, need to follow some rules to be taken on international flights. Check it out:

  • All liquid must be packaged in bottles of up to 100 ml ;
  • Each passenger can carry only 1 litre in their luggage (which would be 10 bottles of 100 ml);
  • If the bottle contains any millilitres greater than 100 ml, it will be confiscated. The same applies to the limit of 1 litre per person;
  • You must pack these bottles in a plastic bag with airtight closure (the “ziplock” bags) up to 1 litre and 20 cm x 20 cm in size;
  • For checked baggage, there is a grey area: according to legislation, you can check up to 12 litres of beverages, but there is no indication of the category of liquid allowed.