One of the vapes in the Vaporesso Solo family, the Vaporesso Sky Solo offers a powerful experience, with incredible vaping performance and safety with every use. 

Practical, it can be used daily with your favourite juices, making your moment of relaxation much more satisfying, delicious and full of steam!


After all, is Vaporesso Sky Solo good?

Vaporesso Sky Solo is good for those who are doing their first tests with e-cigars, but who are demanding in terms of quality and technology applied in favour of their own safety.

With it, your user can have a complete and extremely pleasant experience, especially because this electronic cigarette provides great clouds of steam, and ability to generate a super pleasant taste, and also has heating that is super suitable for the experience it promises.

What are the device’s features and specifications?

Vaporesso Sky Solo is good because it has one of the best and most advanced chips for vapes, the OMNI Board Mini, which provides more security for its user and excellent performance in its use.

With a GT Mesh type coil, your cotton heating area is larger, providing a large cloud for each use.

And there is also the possibility of choosing other types of coil for your use, all being recommended from the GT series.

specifications of the vaporous sky solo

What is the contents of the kit?

The Sky Solo vape kit is good for those who are just starting out on the vapes and want to have as complete an experience as possible.

See below how your kit is composed:

  • 1 Kit Sky Solo (3,5 ml);
  • 2 Coil GT 0.18ohm;
  • 4 O-ring;
  • 1 USB cable;
  • 1 Warranty Card;
  • 1 User Guide.

To have its first use, the user also needs to purchase a juice of their choice

Sky Solo Vaporesso Performance

Its performance is good for those who are looking for an e-cigar and are not willing to make large investments, providing a complete and high-quality user experience.

With a 1400mAh battery, it considerably heats up its coil, transforming its experience with very high steam production compared to models in its value range.

Making more steam and providing more flavour, it‘s the complete experience for a novice user.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vaporesso Sky Solo

  • Compared to other kits in the Solo family, this entry-level model does not have a spare glass;
  • Its battery is only 1400mAh, against 3000mAh of Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus;
  • Its charging is done via USB, which makes it very versatile and easy to carry anywhere;
  • Each kit comes with two  1.8 ohm GT Mesh resistors, ensuring full use for a long time;
  • The kit also comes with specific rings for the sealing of the tank, which also allows fuller use for a longer period of time.

Sky Solo vs Sky Solo Plus: what are the differences? 

  • Battery power: 1400mAh Solo while Solo Plus has 3000mAh;
  • Liquid capacity: 3.5 ml for Solo versus 8 ml for Solo Plus;
  • Spare tank: Solo Plus has a 2ml spare tank, while the Solo tank is unique.

Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus leaking: what to do?

One of the most striking issues in the Solo Plus model is that some users report liquid leakage. 

To solve this problem, the kit has four o-rings, which can be easily replaced, just carefully observing the product’s instruction manual.

So, with the replacement of this little device, it is possible to have an even more complete experience.

How to use Vaper Vaporesso?

Vaporesso Sky Solo: how to use?

Now that you have purchased your Vaporesso Sky Solo and know how amazing the device is, we recommend that you fully charge the device using its cable and a charger compatible with the 1400mAh battery.

When his light turns solid green, he’s ready for his first use!

Then, according to the instruction manual, but the cotton in the reel and the preferred juice in the tank. Then just press the button and suck in the steam. 

Vaporesso Sky Solo: how long does it take to charge? Does it heat up?

The Sky Solo’s battery lasts for a few hours of constant use and when it reaches its blue light it’s a sign that it’s time to recharge it again.

It heats up properly, providing a lot of steam and a lot of flavor, as expected for your type of coil and also according to its potency.

You can get even more significant results using juices that are more compatible with the model !

Which Juice to use no Sky Solo?

In a vape like the Vaporesso Sky Solo, we recommend using a juice that has a higher concentration of PG than of VG , as it is more fluid and has less potential for clogging the coil.

It is worth remembering, however, that the higher the VG of your juice, the better will be the associated steam production and, even more, the greater the probability of presenting obstruction.

Therefore, it is worth making the correlation between what you want between flavour and steam and what your vape can offer in relation to its potency.

Price of Vaporesso Sky Solo

Vaporesso Sky Solo: what is the price?

You can find Vaporesso Sky Solo for only R$ 166.56 at Clube do Vapor, with prompt delivery, super fast delivery, which also offers service channels so that you can answer all your questions in a simpler and more direct way.

And when you select the payment in cash, by bank slip, you still receive a super discount, getting the total kit for only R$ 149.90!

Don’t miss your chance to have one of the best entry vapes on the market!