We know it’s a bit annoying to have electronic cigarettes leaking. It’s something that gets in the way of the experience and can cause some concern.

In this context, we prepared a complete guide on the subject, explaining everything about vape or pod leaking juice. Let’s go?

Leaking electronic cigarette? Understand the possible reasons

Leaking e-cigarette is something unavoidable given the construction of your vape or pod. It is most common with beginner vapers when the e-juice escapes from the tank through the airflow system.

Most of the time, it has to do with how you fill the tank. However, there could be other causes. We’ve already heard from some users talking about the Renova Zero coil leaking, for example.

The point is, your leaking electronic cigarette isn’t the end of the world. The reasons for this to happen are very simple, check this out:

1 – Position of the liquid

One important thing is to avoid placing the e-juice in the central tube of the vape. This is the airflow tube, through which the stream flows.

Also, take care of the position of the liquid in the filling. There are different filling settings, either on top or under the tank.

causes of juice leakage on vape

2 – Gap between parts

The vape is made of connections between the parts, so it can happen that they suffer from looseness or errors in their tightening.

3 – Sealing rubbers

O-rings or sealing rubbers can also be the cause of leaks if they are cracked or worn.

4 – Adequate power

One of the main causes of leakage is due to physics: the liquid from the e-juice seeping into the resistance’s cotton and soaking it.

When steaming, you should prevent this from happening by “cooking” the juice that wets the cotton.

Therefore, if the leakage occurs due to the cotton, the problem could be the vaporization power.

After all, is it normal for the vape to leak?

For those who are newbies, leaking electronic cigarettes can be normal yes. For the experienced ones, it is more difficult, as it is something related to punctual adjustments in the vape.

However, the occurrence of leakage is not a big problem, as the resistance cotton itself will probably give way to the e-juice liquid eventually.

juice leaking on vape

How to change vape liquid?

If you are dealing with leaking e-cigarettes, one solution might be to use e-juices with a higher percentage of VG, which are usually thicker than high PG liquids.

To do this, you can disassemble the drip tip and empty the tank (if there is still e-juice in it) through the hole and then disassemble everything else. You must ensure that you do not overfill the tank.

See how to prevent your e-cigarette from leaking

Now that you know the causes of e-cigarette leaking, let’s explain the solutions to prevent this from happening again. Check out!

1 – Place the liquid correctly

A tip on liquid placement can be as follows:

  • Always leave an air bubble at the top of the tank filled, which prevents it from overflowing through the holes.
  • When filling, tilt the tank slightly, as if you were pouring a fizzy drink into a glass.

2 – Keep parts tight with care

Make sure you disassemble your vape, align the parts correctly (the tank, the atomizer, the coil head, the drip tip) and tighten them — avoiding excesses, which can damage the tank.

3 – Keep your vape vertical to avoid leaks during recharging

When recharging (and also when letting your vape “resting”), try to keep it upright.

This way, you preserve the device’s natural position and prevent any e-juice from infiltrating the seals and resistance.

avoid leaks by leaving the vape vertical

4 – Observe the sealing rubbers

As we told you, it is possible that the gaskets are the cause of the e-cigarette leaking.

You can solve this with quick maintenance. Disassemble the tank, remove the o-rings and examine them closely.

Look for signs of wear, broken or even missing gaskets (you’ve lost them, right?). These are things that can compromise the tank’s airtightness.

5 – Make sure you are using the correct power

If you use a mod that allows power regulation, try increasing it. This way, you heat up the resistance more quickly and prevent the cotton from soaking.

What can an electronic cigarette leak cause?

With the e-cigarette leaking, you may have some problems in the vaping experience.

Knowing them in advance can be good for tracking down the root cause and fixing the problem.

Throat discomfort

Vape scratching your throat? The problem could be the leaking electronic cigarette.

This way, you force the inhalation too much and do not make a long, smooth movement, but too firm and very fast — which is not ideal, especially for those who practice DL inhalation.

bad taste

One of the causes of electronic cigarette leaking can be worn or even old coil.

The continuous use of vape causes the expected wear of this component, which has a certain useful life (and which depends on its frequency of use).

Therefore, if you use the same coil for a long time, it is natural for the cotton to lose its structure and allow for leakage.

In these cases, the e-liquid flavour in your vaporizations may start to come off a little bad, with a burnt taste. This is a sign that there may be leaks and that you definitely need to change the coil!

what to do to solve the problem?