Proven Stress Management Methods You Should Try

When stress isn’t properly managed, it could lead to anxiety, burn-out and far more serious conditions. Since stress seems to be one of the realities of life, we need to find efficient ways to manage it. That’ll enable us to maintain both our physical and mental wellbeing. Below are some proven stress management methods you should try.


This is an effective and long-term technique you can try to manage stress better. There are different ways people can meditate, from taking a few minutes a day to practice mindfulness to developing a mantra that you can repeat while practicing deep breathing. Although meditation is a technique that requires a little bit of practice and consistency, incorporating it into your lifestyle is a sure-fire way to reduce your stress levels.


Exercising can be a great way to boost your mood thanks to the endorphins released by the body during exercise. This also helps you sleep better and ultimately reduces your stress levels. Studies have shown that regular exercise can help you manage anxiety and have a more positive view of yourself.

Ensure that you also don’t overexert yourself during exercise, as this can have the opposite effect and raise your stress levels. A good recommendation would be to incorporate serious workouts with rest days so that your body has time to recover.


A poor and disrupted sleeping pattern can raise your stress levels, so it is paramount to practice better sleeping habits. A few adjustments you can make to your daily life in order to improve your sleeping pattern include; setting a sleep schedule, reducing alcohol and caffeine intake before bed, exercise and reducing screen time before bed.

Some studies have shown that CBD products and aromatherapy can help people who struggle with insomnia to sleep better. You can check out Herbal Spice for great deals on CBD products.


A healthier diet doesn’t just improve your physical health but your mental health as well. By cutting out unhealthy foods, you can build up your immune system and also reduce stress. Try going for a diet that includes nuts, eggs, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids (fish), antioxidants and fruits.

Nutrient supplements like Vitamin C, B- Vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids, L-theanine and Magnesium may also help reduce the effects of stress.


Prioritizing your self-care is an excellent way to manage stress better. While everyday life can be stressful, setting aside a little time for self-care can make all the difference when it comes to promoting your physical and mental wellbeing.

Some easy ways you can practice self-care include; booking a spa day, movie night with friends, reading a book and getting a new hobby like taking painting, dancing, cooking or pottery classes.


Since there is no way to completely remove stress from our lives, the next best thing is to find ways to manage it properly. The above methods are proven ways you can manage your stress better. Hopefully, by incorporating them into your lifestyle, you will begin to see a significant reduction in your stress levels.