If you’ve arrived here, you’ve probably heard of Vaporesso Renova Zero as:

  • The best pod system on the market;
  • The cheapest pod you’ll find;
  • The easiest pod to use;

So, do you want to find out if this is all really true? In this context, we have prepared a complete review of Vaporesso Renova Zero for you. See if it’s worth buying this pod!


Discover Vaporesso Renova Zero

The Vaporesso, one of the most acclaimed brands of the vaping world, released the Pod System Vaporesso Renova Zero a few years ago and today is already one of the most popular markets.

It is known out there as a pod system “starter kit”. In other words, a perfect pod for the beginner vaper.

In the Vaporesso Renova Zero box (more specifically in the Care Edition), you will find the following:

  • 1x Pod System Renova Zero
  • 1x Pod (Cartucho) MESH 1.0ohm
  • 1x Pod (Cartridge) CCELL 1.3ohm
  • 1x liquid filling bottle (10ml)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x warranty card
  • 1x reminder card

Features of Renova Zero

Is Vaporesso Renova Zero worth it? Well, its features are top of the line pod.

It features a condensed version of the classic Vaporesso OMNI chip. You can set up to 3 different power settings, depending on your taste.

In addition, the pod offers automatic temperature control and a variety of safety features.

It also uses a 1.0 ohm CCELL ceramic coil, which is compatible with nic salt juices.

Now, Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it if you’re looking for a traction-activated pod.

In other words, just drag through the drip tip for the full experience — which is enriched thanks to the ceramic coil.

It is also worth mentioning its “press to fill” technology, which means “press to fill”.

In other words, to fill the cartridge with the juice , just use the refill bottle that comes in the kit, pressing its tip into the cartridge refill hole.

The process is very quick, easy and the best: it’s leakproof!


If you’re wondering if the Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it and want a stylish pod, know you’ve found the right vape !

The Renova Zero is a pod with a clean, discreet design, following the minimalist line — but different from the striking (and, for many, already beaten) styles of the JUUL.

According to Vaporesso, its external structure is made of zinc alloy. However, the Renova Zero Care Edition has a fingerprint-resistant material, which ensures the cleanliness of the pod.

In terms of size, the Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it for being very compact, measuring 80.2mm by 31mm by 13.5mm.

The Renova Zero has a good range of colours and has only one button, with an LED light that changes color depending on the function used.

Renova Zero Vaporesso Features: Ready-to-use Pod

One of the most striking factors in Vaporesso Renova Zero is the innovation that the brand has brought to two very important components of the pod: the cartridge and the coil.

Renova Zero Cartridges

Renova Zero cartridges are of the highest quality, a huge hit by the brand.

Despite being a pod intended more for beginners or those looking to kick the habit of common cigarettes, Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it for the added quality.

Cartridges are 2 mL and are made of special FDA-approved plastic that is medical grade. This also means that the cartridges are BPA free, meaning they are safe to use.

Its main feature, however, is the press-to-fill system, which completely simplifies the act of loading Juice.


Another factor that contributes to the Vaporesso Renova Zero being worthwhile is its CCELL coil, excellent for vaporizing more viscous Juices.

In other words, it is ideal for nic salt liquids or liquids with high nicotine content.

Because it has ceramic in its structure, the coil absorbs and handles heat much better.

In fact, it’s a coil made to withstand heat, which automatically makes it better than other entry-level models on the market.

Performance: Renova Zero takes how long to load?

One of the points that most experienced vapers always pay attention to when analyzing a pod is its battery. At this point, the Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it.

Battery: life and performance

The Renova Zero has a 650mAh (milliampere) battery, excellent for a device of this size.

The duration will depend on your use, of course.

Remember we said this pod has 3 power settings? You can vaporize choosing up to 3 different powers (9W, 11W and 5W).

For a beginner, it’s a pod that performs excellently and lasts for daily steaming.

However, it is noteworthy that it may require some loading for the most demanding vapers.

However, this is not a big problem, as charging is fast (about 1 hour to complete the battery).

Which Juice to use in Renova Zero?

Vaporesso Renova Zero is worth it for those who vaporize nic salt liquids or those with high nicotine content.

This pod is not designed for base free liquids.

Find out how to clean the Renova Zero Pod

To clean the Vaporesso Renova Zero, you can disconnect the cartridge from the pod and clean the parts with a slightly damp cloth.

In the case of the cartridge, we recommend not trying to open it for cleaning. Instead, look for a replacement cartridge.

How to Clean Coil Renova Zero

However, if you want to clean the Renova Zero coil, there is a way to do this.

Especially since it’s not often the fault of a coil that stops working is its durability.

Sometimes it’s just a lack of cleanliness. For this, you can use:

1/2 cup of white vinegar or ethanol;

1 cup of distilled water;


You will just dip the coil  in ethanol or vinegar. We recommend leaving them submerged for about 2 hours.

So, just rinse them with running water, then with distilled water (to remove all residues) and leave to dry overnight or all day.

Before using it again, make sure it is completely dry.