Sub Ohm is entirely related to atomizers, as it is the main category of vape tanks, in which several other subcategories are found, such as RTA and RDA atomizers.

Want to know more? Keep reading because in this article you will know what it is, what is the relationship with the atomizers and the different types of sub ohm atomizers!


What is a Sub Ohm Atomizer?

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A Sub Ohm atomizer is the tank for vaporizers and its main purpose is to produce large clouds of vapor.

This is due to the fact that the atomizer has resistances below 1 ohm , causing rapid heating of the vape coils and, as a consequence, a greater and denser production of steam.

Why have a Sub Ohm Atomizer?

Among the main advantages of having a Sub Ohm atomizer, we made a list showing why having a Sub Ohm atomizer :

  • Greater steam production;
  • Greater flavor production;
  • Greater convenience in changing coils (for finished coil atomizers).


What are the Sub Ohm Atomizer Types?

It is common in Brazil for beginner vapers to relate a sub-ohm atomizer only to a finished coil atomizer.

However, if we follow the real meaning of the term Sub Ohm (less than 1 ohm) we also have other atomizers that fit this list.

Therefore, the RTA, RDA and RDTA atomizers also fall into the category. We’ll talk a little more about them below!

Tanques Sub Ohm

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Sub Ohm tanks or Sub Ohm atomizers, although they have a broader meaning, we can say that they are finished coil atomizers, that is, no technique or experience is needed to use them.

In tanks with finished coils, it is not necessary to build resistances or cotton, as everything comes ready-made, just threading and unthreading the coil to change it.

If you are just starting out in steam, we recommend the ready-made coil Sub Ohm atomizers for their ease and practicality!


sob ohm rda

RDA’s atomizers are Sub Ohm atomizers, but the main difference is that the coils are not ready-made. That is, it is necessary to assemble (or build) the resistors in the atomizer.

RDA’s atomizers do not have liquid storage tanks, so it is necessary to drip (or drip) the liquid directly onto the coil.

In RDA’s style of vaporization, the flavour and vapour density surpass other atomizers, but some experience is needed to use them.


The RTA’s are atomizers Sub Ohm Similar to the RDA’s atomizers but its difference is in the liquid storage tank.

The style of construction of the coils is also manual, but in RTA’s atomizers, we don’t drip the liquid to vaporize, as they have a glass tank so that your juice can be allocated.

RTA’s atomizers are usually the best option for vapers who want a more advanced tank compared to finished coils.

Are Sub Ohm Atomizers Safe?

Sub Ohm atomizers, with the exception of finished coil atomizers, are safe if handled with a certain amount of experience.

Currently, due to the great advancement of vaporizers, almost most of them have a safety pre-configuration that controls the ohms and power of the coils. This way you can enjoy the advanced atomizers with ease.

With the exception of mechanical vaporizers, which do not have this safety control, you can safely venture into RTA’s or RDA’s atomizers!

How to Choose the Best Sub Ohm Atomizer?

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Choosing the best Sub Ohm atomizer will depend on your experience level and mainly on your willingness to evolve in steam.

If you are a beginner in steam, we suggest the vape kits that have a ready-made coil atomizer and are perfect for your first contact with electronic cigarettes.

If you are looking for a better atomizer, we recommend the Geekvape Zeus Sub Ohm atomizer which is the best-finished coil atomizer on the market.

If you want to improve your vaporization, we suggest the atomizers RTA’s, RDA’s or RDTA’s, as they are high-performance atomizers that deliver the very best in flavour and steam.

Our recommendation for pre-built coil atomizers is Gear Ofrf RTA and Wotofo Profile RDTA. You will be amazed!