One of the central points of vape is, of course, the fact that it needs to heat up enough to heat the juice and produce the steam we love so much, full of flavour and aroma. 

Precisely because of its importance to vape, it is necessary that you study the one that best fits the type of use you will perform. 

Discover now what coil is and all the secrets and points of attention when choosing yours!

What is the coil?

What is Coil?

If you’re about to buy a vape, you came across the “coil” in the specs and you don’t know what it’s about, calm down: let’s unveil, together, everything about the coil and its different types.

The coil is a type of resistance responsible for heating the juice, thus obtaining steam and flavour.

Different types of coil produce different experiences, but, except for the proportions, this same product is inserted in your shower, in your coffee maker and even in those electric kettles.

By electrically heating this metal, it is possible to make everything around it also heat up, which makes it possible, therefore, to produce steam.

How Does Coil Work?

As the resistance responsible for heating the juice that generates the vapor cloud, the coil is essential for the functioning of your electronic cigarette. 

Its operation is similar to that of a shower, one of those conventional ones we have at home: once turned on, the water that passes through the resistance heats up, providing us with a pleasant shower and at the temperature we desire.

As in the shower, the coil heats up the vape juice, providing a taste and smell experience .

What Types of Coil?

Understanding which types and how they affect the experience of using electronic cigarettes is essential in choosing the ideal model. Read on and find out which coil type best fits your desired experience with your new vape.

Standard or Simple Coil

The single-coil is much like a shower heater: a wire wound into a perfect spiral with two straight, mating pieces.

This model is often found in small pods, precisely because of their small size.

When in contact with the cotton soaked in the juice you like the most, the coil will provide heat slowly, heating the juice and providing steam. 

Micro or Nano Coil

The micro-coil or nano coil follows the same principles as the simple coil, as it is a single wire that, once wound and heated, will produce steam with the liquid in contact.

One of the principles of resistance is that the smaller it is, the less power it can achieve. So don’t expect a great steam experience when it comes to a nano or a micro-coil.

electronic cigarette components


The coil made in parallel consists of a wire wound on itself, as in the simple coil, and yet another thinner wire, which also wound on itself, ends up fusing the spaces between the turns of the thicker wire. 

Thus, two wires and two types of resistance are created, improving your heating experience and providing much more steam, smell and taste with your vape.

Twisted or Braided

A twisted or twisted coil consists of two relatively thick wires that are wound together and then wound together to form the characteristic spiral of a resistor.

Because it has more metal, a higher temperature can be reached, greatly improving your experience with the vape and producing more flavour and more steam than the other resistances presented here.


Clapton Coil

The  Clapton Coil consists of a coil of fine wire that is wound onto itself, forming a tube, and then wound back into rings, forming a spiral like a notebook.

However, it differs from other types in that it is slightly flattened, which provides more heat, as the metals are closer together.

It is a more powerful option used in vapes with also greater power.

hybrid vape resistance


For those seeking steam,  resistance coil Hybrid to it is certainly one that will offer you the best possible experience in terms of heating.

Made from small braided strands, it consists of a large braid of about six to eight strands that then forms a coiled resistance, like a spiral.

This type of braided base greatly reduces the space between the wires, increasing efficiency in relation to rejects such as carbon.

What is Mesh Coil and What’s the Difference for Regular Coil?

With the modernization of vapes, it is now possible to find a type of resistance for every experience you want to obtain.

The mesh coil is a clear example of this, as it is a longer ring, with a screen that can come in different patterns.

Its shape and composition provides much more intense heating and, above all, improves the contact surface with the juice. In this way, Mesh Coil improves the flavour and aroma distributed in the vape.

Its difference from the regular coil is justified by the form of contact with the cotton. While in Mesh the coil is inside the cotton, in the regular model it is just “touched” to the cotton.