Coil Mesh is one of the best coils you’ll ever have in your pod. 

Delivering you one of the best experiences in flavour and steam, it was designed to make the best use of your juice and to offer a great experience for those who use it.

Today we are going to unlock all the secrets of this type of coil for you!


What is Coil Mesh?

Coil mesh is a type of coil for vapes produced in noble materials and designed to offer a great experience for its user, both in steam production and in aroma and flavour.

Made of stainless steel or even kanthal, this type of coil was created to have a greater contact surface with the material soaked in juice – which is usually cotton.

As it heats up quickly and has an excellent contact surface, this type of coil provides a lot of flavor for those who want the best experience in this regard.

What are the differences and similarities between Coil Mesh and Regular Coil?

With more and more modern resistances, it is now possible to find vapes that combine better production of flavour, steam and aroma in a single type of coil, as is, in this case, the mesh coil.

While the regular coil has a contact surface that is limited only to the places where the metal makes contact with the cotton. 

In this type of coil, the cotton passes through the coil, but leaves its ends free, decreasing its efficiency.

The mesh coil, on the other hand, is a more elongated ring, composed of a type of screen that can be presented in different patterns. 

What matters about this canvas, however, is that the cotton is fully in contact with it. Therefore, your juice will always be heated and much more intensely.

What are the benefits of Coil Mesh?

Among the main advantages of using Coil Mesh we can highlight:

Faster heating

Coil Mesh heats up quickly and, better than that, completely evenly. 

This Coil Mesh heating mode provides a much more pleasant and intense experience both in flavour and aroma and steam.

Greater efficiency

This type of coil offers more complex experimentation for its user because the juice vape is used from beginning to end, providing a much tastier experience for those who choose it.

By consuming less energy than other coil models, Coil Mesh means you can use your pod for longer, enjoying the moment without letting you worry about the battery that is left.

More flavour

If you really like to form a big cloud and leave aroma in the air and a tasty taste in the mouth, know: Coil Mesh was made for you.

This type of coil provides a unique flavor experience, precisely because of its large area of ​​contact with the juice.

Thus, it is perfect for those looking for a more sensory experience with the vape, in addition to making the most of the hand-picked juice for each moment.

What are the disadvantages of Coil Mesh?

Regarding juice consumption, Coil Mesh is a little more demanding than other types of coil, being more efficient in the consumption of liquid.

When compared to other coils, Coil Mesh requires more liquid for it to work properly, due to its large contact surface and its rapid heating.

How to clean Coil Mesh?

To clean the Coil Mesh you will need tweezers to remove all the cotton that is inside your coil, even if it is still full of juice.

Once removed, turn your pod’s power down to about 40 and allow the coil to fully heat up.

Once that’s done, she’ll start cleaning herself almost on her own. To improve efficiency, run the collet gently over the hot coil , improving the removal of debris that may have adhered to it.

Coil Mesh: average market price

It is currently possible to find a Coil Mesh starting at 10 reais, varying only by the amount to be used in your pod.

When made in kanthal, the value can be higher, which also reflects the quality of the inputs used in the production of this type of coil. 


How long does a Coil Mesh last?

It depends on its use and how you conserve it, the juice you use and, also, the time of use.

Regardless of the way you use your pod, the coil will start to taste like a burn, indicating that its usage time has come to an end.

Of course, some factors can bring forward the time to change the coil, such as the way you store the pod, whether you store it with or without juice, and even the juice flavour you use.

The sweeter your juice, the shorter the coil will last.

What is the best Coil Mesh?

It always depends on the atomizer you want to use or the one that best matches your pod settings.

The  Zeus X 2 is an RTA Mesh that delivers all the flavour possible from a juice, improving your overall experience when using your pod through a unique construction.