If you are interested in purchasing a vaporizer – whether because of experience in use or because you are interested in replacing the paper cigarette – you must have already come across the terms MTL and DL.

It’s natural to have some confusion with so many different terms, but today we’re going to help you understand a little more about these two types of vaporization and how each relates to a type of use.

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What do MTL and DL mean?

MTL and DL are styles of vaporization. The first, MTL, means “from mouth to lung”, as if it were an inhalation. DL, in a different way, is “direct to the lung”, since whoever uses this type of vape does not trap the vapor in the mouth, forwarding it directly to the lung.

For those who smoke, the MTL will provide an experience very similar to a cigarette, including in relation to the “impact” on the throat. In these categories, we can find pod systems or disposable vaporizers.

For those who use DL, the experience of inhaling is different. It requires more airflow to cool the steam and emulates the experience of deep breathing. Focus is great clouds of steam and flavour.


What are the differences between MTL and DL?

The main differences between MTL and DL concern the way the device is used.

The first produces an experience similar to smoking a cigarette, while the second reproduces the experience of using a respiratory pump, such as in asthma, in which the contents need to go directly into the lungs and without going through the mouth. 

MTL and DL: when to use?

It depends on the experience you want to get with your vaporizer. Do you want more steam? Opt for a DL. Want more flavour? Opt for an MTL.

Regarding intensity, we can also observe that the most complex experiences usually happen with DL.

The MTL provides a gradual transition to lower levels of nicotine and is generally used by people who want to quit smoking, improving the concentration of nicotine in that consume their daily lives.

MTL or DL: which type is right for you?

See now which is the best type of vaporization, if MTL or DL!

for beginner vapers

If you are just starting out in the world of vaporizers and come from conventional cigarettes, the experience with an MTL will be more positive for you, especially because its way of using it is very simple and very easy to master.

In addition, this style provides a feeling very similar to smoking, being the easiest to adapt.

If you do not come from the paper cigarette and are starting now with the vaporizer, we suggest the DL vaporizers because it is in this style that we use liquids with low or no nicotine in their concentration.

For clouds of steam and an intense experience

For those who really want a complete and intense experience with vaporization, the DL is the best way to get it.

It has power regulation, its use is more complex but still simple to understand and produces a lot of steam.

Which juice is better to vaporize by MTL and DL?

If you want to emulate or approach the tobacco experience, MTL will provide more satisfaction the higher your PG concentration.

Another option for those who really enjoy nicotine is to use nic salt juices, which accentuate its concentration but does not have the same impact on the throat that a juice with 50/50  PG/VG would cause.

For those who use the DL, the ratio between VG and PG of the juice tends to be higher in VG. This is because the more VG the juice has, the more steam it generates. In short, opt for freebase liquids.

For the DL, the proportions of 70/30 and 80/20 are the most common.

However, at these proportions, there is more steam, of course, but less flavour.

Vape DL and MTL: what are the differences? What is the best type for vaporization?

The differences between DL and MTL are related to the form of use and also to the type of juice that is used in each piece of equipment.

However, crimping which is the best type depends a lot on the way the device will be used, what the intentions of the person purchasing it are.

After all, whether you are just starting out or those who already have some experience with the vaporizer, everything will always be a matter of taste and adaptation.

Is Sky Solo MTL or DL?

Sky Solo is a type of DL vaporization, which provides a great concentration of flavor for those who use it, as well as having great power to create vapor.

Because of its great power, the  Sky Solo vaporizer is a vape capable of transforming the first steps of an enthusiast into steam, delivering a super comfortable experience from its first use.

Another aspect of this vape is that it is considered an input. In other words: a good price, a satisfying experience and lots of steam without losing sight of the flavour.

What is a sub, Ohm?

Sub Ohm is the name given to resistors with power less than 1 Ohm.

In a vaporizer, this means more heat and more consistent clouds of vapour for those who enjoy this type of experience.

In addition, the sub-Ohm resistance is also the one that delivers the most juice flavour. Precisely for this reason, it is recommended to use freebase liquids in sub-ohm resistances, as the focus will be steam and flavour and not nicotine blows in the lungs/throat!